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Live More Like Bailee

Our Plans

Our plans for the foundation is to make sure that we keep Bailee's memory alive. Bailee was a wonderful person with so much left to give to the world. In her honor, we will try to "Live more like Bailee", which entails us being kinder, more thoughtful and compassionate, selfless, helpful to those in need of it, and just more aware of the world around us and those who live in it. 

Our Goals

Our goals are to give out scholarships to a selected student from both the Clio school district and the Freeland school district. We also want to be able to hold events in Bailee's honor to help keep her memory alive. To do this, we will need strong support from the community where Bailee lived as well as the surrounding areas. Our first goal is to hold a successful golf outing, which we were able to do and we are so thankful for the number of people there. Another goal we have in mind currently is to hold a soccer tournament in Bailee's honor. She loved soccer and was heavily dedicated to the sport, so it seems the most fitting for us to hold. We were able to do this as well and had an amazing day at the soccer fields playing the game she loved. 

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