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Bailee Mantei Memorial Scholarhship


The Bailee Mantei Memorial Scholarship was started in 2019, to honor the life of Bailee Mantei, a Freshman at Freeland High School who was killed in an automobile accident. 

Bailee was extremely excited to be at Freeland High School for her freshman year.  In addition to her success in the classroom, Bailee was the Vice President of her class, served as a CSO for STEM, participated in PALSS (Peers are Linked for Social Success) and Travel club.


Bailee had a passion for sports and participated in many throughout the years, but her heart belonged to soccer.  She started playing soccer at the age of four in the Clio AYSO program but her talent and drive led her to eventually play for the Nationals in the National League Midwest Conference.  Bailee looked forward to playing soccer for Freeland High School and hoped to one-day play at a collegiate level.


When Bailee wasn’t busy with sports and school, she enjoyed spending time with her family and volunteering in her community.  She left a lasting impression on every person she came in contact with and will be dearly missed by her family and friends. 

Our wish is that the recipients of the Bailee Mantei Memorial Scholarship continue to show dedication and pride in everything they do and remember every day to Live More Like Bailee.​

2024 Scholarship Application:

Scholarship Applications are closed for 2024



2023 Scholarships:

Freeland High School:

(1st) Myah Gleason (2nd) Nathan Niederquell (3rd) Meredith Cook

Clio High School:

(1st) Grace Polcik (2nd) Kenedy Combe (3rd) Samantha Jarbou

BASA 3V3 Tournament:

Haven Vasold and Colin Heberger

2022 Scholarships Recipients:

Freeland High School:

(1st) Allison DeLeeuw (2nd) Kaitlyn Roth (3rd) Mallory Gladwish (4th) Ryleigh Roberts


Clio High School:

(1st) Emily Loomis (2nd) Arizona Cray (3rd) lily Hulliberger (4th) Katheren Barger



2021 Scholarship Recipients:

Freeland High School:

(1st) Lydia Back (2nd) Kayla Irrer (3rd) Kristen Spegel

Clio Area High School:

(1st) Braeden Burger (2nd) Steven Mink (3rd) Sloane Ely


2020 Scholarship Recipients

Freeland High School: 

(1st) Katie Lazarz   (2nd) Leiya Rybicki   (3rd) Madelyn Snider

Clio Area High School:

(1st) Alice Horton   (2nd) Emily Wright   (3rd) Carter Vanderhoff

Midland Soccer Club 3V3 Tournament:

Albertas Klugas

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Freeland High School: Grace Cairy

Clio Area High School: Jacob Fagerstrom

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